The Entrance Hall

Black was mandatory in this charming entry, featuring metal wireframe shelves to add simple but elegant decors and florals. It also includes hangers on top for guests and a basket at the bottom for the umbrellas. A tufted puff was added in beige color to add contrast and for extra functionality.

Master Bedroom

This nightstand incredibly hides one drawer. The top in wood and the feet in metal, all lacquered in black. The vintage lamp in brass and dark green lampshade was added as an interesting feature to the space. Beautiful and soft bedding layers and fillings are from Lameirinho.

Another shot of the master bedroom where Concrete-like wallpaper was applied to contrast the white walls from the other side. Here you can see A floating console in walnut wood, combined with a chest of drawers in black lacquer.

The geometric letter B inspired in the Bauhaus archive (back from 1919) was printed and framed to decorate the wall, with dark colors to complete the ambiance. The letter B also hides the first name of our client.

This master bedroom is characterized by the use of sophisticated neutrals. A room in a neutral palette like this one, unveils a soothing environment to spend time in.

The living room of this penthouse apartment could not be unveiled for now, but here we share one of the corners. A wallnut pannel fills in the wall, with a floating sideboard lacquered in black, from one side to another. The choice of the geometric figures like the vases, the lamp and the painting aren’t solely for aesthetics, acting also as functional objects, which allow an original composition. The tree branches are from Materflora.

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