dwelling house


Dining area

Detail from the dining area in a total open concept (kitchen + dining room + living room).

Mix & Match

always a sideboard and a mirror.

Dining table

The striking point here came from our clients who decided to use different colors on the chairs. The result was amazing and with lots of personality.

Bespoke furniture

When you design furniture adapted to your house and needs, the result is a total new experience. Our work requires paying attention to the space’s scale, the sight lines, and framing, while moving between spaces. Here you can see a simple console, attached to the wall, giving funcionality to this passageway, without any legs, giving a clean image of the space.

Living room

In this living area it was asked to create a space for casual gatherings, where every single person feels comfortable and welcomed. We designed this big sofa in suede, matching pillows with different sizes and colours all around.

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